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Sound Forge Pro 11 Serial Key 17d

Environment: Windows 7 Pro 64-bit, Sound Forge Pro 11.0 (Build 299), all data on a separate physical hard drive (a lot of open space), 16 MB memory. My current PC is working, but poorly. I want to rebuild everything, including Windows 7 from the original installation CD. I will start by clearing the HD using FDISK (if the is still the program) and then reinstall Windows 7 and then the applications, including this one, after testing the OS. I hope to reinstall this program and use the same authorization codes I did the first time I installed it. Is this possible? Will I have problems with excessive installations (second one)? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am nervous about doing all of this.I have an extra question. Will SF Pro 11.0 work on Windows 10, 64-bit. I will not be using one of the basic versions, but one of the upgraded versions. I forget the name. I have a lot to learn before upgrading.

Sound Forge Pro 11 Serial Key 17d


You should have no problems installing SF Pro 11 as long as you have the serial number, which as I recall, starts with 17D__. Even with the OS reinstallation, your PCs ID code should be the same, so you could still install SF11 on another PC if needed. You can download the latest build from the Magix Suport Service Center and select 'My Products'.

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Today (Feb. 16, 2017) I purchased Sound Forge 11 for $399.95 and immediately downloaded the program. I have a valid serial number and activation code as I have used both of these numbers to register Sound Forge 11 with MAGIX. However, the serial number won't activate the program. I uninstalled the demo version of SF11 (and Noise Redux plug-in) and installed the version i just purchased. But when I open the newly installed SF11, it gives me the same pop-up that says your trail has expired. I put in the SN clicked SUBMIT and it says "This application with now restart to complete the upgrade process." The only option from here is to click OK which opens the "Your trial has expired" window again in a never ending loop.

Inputting the serial number both with and without dashes doesn't work. I've tried copying and pasting the SN and typing it manually to no avail. I've rebooted and applied current Windows updates. I'm running Win 7 Pro SP1 on a Dell Precision 3620. It still thinks i have the demo version for some reason and won't accept the serial number.

It seems like the problem is related to having a trial serial number previously installed. I couldn't activate the software with my full version serial number and saw a trial serial was here in this key:

My registered serial number was there too but I'm guessing when the software detects a trial key and the trial has expired then it doesn't bother with the registered license. The software restarts and prompts you for a serial number again. This is a software bug.

To fix the problem exit the program, open regedit and browse to the key above. Make a back up of it to your desktop first. Then delete the folder named License. Exit regedit. Run Sound Forge Pro 11, enter your serial number, and complete the registration to activate the software.

Perfeito, Davi. Um companheiro nosso de lista, o Tiago, me auxiliou na ativação do sound forge. Agora tenho ele aqui funcionando que é uma beleza. De qualquer forma, muito obrigado pelo tutorial completo que se dispôs a escrever. Tenho certeza que em algum momento eu ou outra pessoa poderá precisar dele novamente.

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