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Best Place To Buy Harry Potter Merchandise

Why they're great: For every $10 you spend, Box Lunch will donate at least one meal to Feeding America and guarantees at least 5 million meals will be donated by the end of January 2021. They're one of the best places to find Loungefly's amazing fandom bags for HP and beyond, and they've got tees and gear for men, women, AND kids. Madam Malkin is shaking.

best place to buy harry potter merchandise

But just because we can't actually wield wands and attend Hogwarts (as much as we wish we could) doesn't mean we can't be total Potterheads and deck out our lives, stuff our closets, and decorate our homes with the best Harry Potter merchandise, collectibles, décor, and more.

Britain is awash with Harry Potter fever, and it has been for 20 years! Which begs the question: where to buy Harry Potter souvenirs when you visit the UK? Well, there are plenty of places in London but also a few in the towns and cities beyond which hide the best Harry Potter souvenirs.

You can get your official Harry Potter merchandise on your trip, but some of the best Harry Potter accessories can be found online. You should also take the Harry Potter house sorting quiz to find out which house you are in.

You can purchase wands at the Harry Potter World shop that are interactive. That means that they actually do magic! Yes! You read that right! There are many places located throughout Harry Potter World that allow you to do magic. This might be one of the best experiences at Harry Potter World.

Kings Cross is the ultimate stop on a Harry Potter London vacation. This is where platform 9 3/4 is located! We thought the gift shop at King Cross was the best we had seen! There was so many unique and rare Harry Potter merchandise. We found some fun items located there.

There are many stores in London where you can find some amazing Harry Potter souvenirs. Our muggle tour guide pointed out many places to get great Harry Potter merchandise. We loved getting our Harry Potter gifts and souvenirs to take home with us.

A fantastic place where the attention to detail and atmosphere is matched by the wide range of merchandise available. Friendly staff enthuse about every aspect of Potter-World while you take as much time as you need to study every nook and cranny.

This one is fact and it has a plaque to prove it. J. K. Rowling has talked about how she had very little money when she moved to Edinburgh and that she spent a lot of time writing in cafés. Rowling said this when asked about the best place to write in an Urbanette interview:

For the fans of the wizarding world out there, there is a Harry Potter shop right by the venerable Platform 9. But the largest Harry Potter store is across the Atlantic in New York City. These are places where aspiring wizards and witches can get lost for hours exploring the Harry Potter-themed merchandise and more.

There are LOADS of placed to buy Harry Potter merchandise in Edinburgh, but the only shop I visited that completely captured the spirit of the books and the movies was Museum Context on Victoria Street.

Yes! We encourage visitors to celebrate the Wizarding World by dressing up. Wands are also permitted inside the exhibition. Please share your photos with us using @harrypotter_exhibition and #HarryPotterExhibition!

Irrespective of whether you wish to splurge and grab the best city fashion for yourself or just take a stroll and indulge in window shopping, this London shopping street is the best place to be amongst the best places to visit in London. This place not only has got the big names in house, but is also very popular amongst the celebrities.

If it amongst the best places to shop in London. From hip fashion wear to unique souvenirs, this place is a paradise for having a true London shopping experience. Handmade jewelry, street style, arts and crafts, shoes, and cosmetics are some of the things you can shop and stock up in your bags from here.

A perfect haunt for luxury shoppers, this is one of the best places to shop in London. This one is all about luxury and fancy stores that is famous for a great collection of merchandise and the most expensive shops along with a fine chain of restaurants in London to take a break and re-energize yourself from all that shopping.

Potter fans, rejoice! If you wish to be taken through barriers to Hogwarts Express then head to the 9 3/4 and pick up Potter Merchandise. If you were thinking about the best things to shop in London then this is definitely one. You can also plan on visiting the Harry Potter Studio if you are looking for places to visit in London. 041b061a72


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