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Where To Buy Small Springs

Small springs are used in countless applications including electronic devices, medical equipment, appliances, and much more. When you need to buy small springs, W. B. Jones is the name to trust. We have been serving spring needs everywhere from the greater Cincinnati, OH area for over a century. As an experienced spring manufacturer with comprehensive in-house fabrication capabilities, we are the source for custom small springs and stock small springs.

where to buy small springs

W.B. Jones offers a vast online selection of small compression springs, small extension springs, and small torsion springs. When considering where to buy small springs, consider the advantages we offer:

The type of material used to manufacture your small springs depends on the specific applications requirements. The materials commonly used for small springs include music wire, stainless steel (types 302, 304, 316), spring brass, and phosphor bronze.

Micro springs come in a variety of shapes, lengths and materials. Commonly used materials for tiny springs include wire, stainless steel types (302, 304, 316, 17-7), spring brass, and phosphor bronze. Lee Spring offers advanced capabilities and a wide variety of options for your micro spring manufacturing needs such as; advance quality control systems, regulatory expertise including RoHS, REACH and DFARS CAD assisted product design, in-house prototype production services and global supply chain network.

Small extension springs are used when a pulling force needs to be accomplished. For example pinball machines use small extension springs. When you pull the handle it exerts pressure and the spring contracts back to its original length when an equal or greater force is applied; these compact-sized extension springs will produce a force or load when stretched. Once the pulling force is attained they will return back to their original length.

Small coil springs, (compression springs) or (helical springs) are used anywhere a compression force or pushing force is needed. For example, a ball point pen needs compact compression springs to push back an equal or greater force when load is applied. This is what makes the clicker of your pen function, in order to either push out the ball-bearing tip or retract it.

These springs are also used for other mechanical devices in your everyday life including: auto-injectors systems, medical devices, small pumps, keyboards, push buttons, precision instruments and tools, toys etc. These small springs can be made from wire diameters that range from .00275 to .015 inches.

Tiny springs are often small coil springs, small compression springs, small torsion springs and small extension springs. These springs all offer benefits to a particular spring application. In this page we will explain the benefits of each type of micro spring (small metal spring) that is available for use.

The mechanical devices that these springs can be put into are: Medical devices, auto-injectors systems, keyboards, push buttons, small pumps or anywhere tiny springs are required. These small springs can be made from wire diameters that range from .00275 to .015 inches in wire diameter. We offer complete micro spring design to create a miniature spring design that will work in your compact application. (You can calculate the maximum spring compression of your micro compression spring in our Maximum Spring Compression Calculator.)

Small Torsion springs and micro torsion springs are used when rotational force is needed. These small torsion springs give radial loads when rotating the legs of the spring. When the legs of the small torsion spring are rotated the force builds as you increase the degree of movement on your torsion spring moment arm.

Micro torsion springs and small torsion springs can be made from wire diameters ranging from .00275 to .015 inches in wire diameter. Bends can be performed as well as radius and u-shapes on the legs of the micro torsion springs. Acxess spring engineers can help you with your small torsion spring design and achieve all the criteria necessary for a successful compact torsion spring design.

Small extension and small tension springs are used when a pulling force needs to be accomplished. These small extension springs when pulled apart will exert pressure and want to contract back to their original length when a equal or greater force is applied. Also known as micro extension springs these miniature extension spring will produce a force or load when stretched. Once the pulling force is attained these little extension springs will return back to their original length. Acxess Spring can manufacture small extension springs to exact tolerances. We have small springs for sale and can help you find the correct compact extension spring for your design.

Small coil springs, small compression springs and small helical springs are springs that are used anywhere a compression force or pushing force needs to be used. Compact compression springs are used to push back an equal or greater force when load is applied.

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