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My Talking Angela: The Virtual Pet Game that Teaches You Fashion and Beauty Tips

My Talking Angela Mod Apk:is a Pou- or Tamagotchi-style game and it is the female version of talking tom. It is a game in which taking care of little cat is necessary to make her beautiful adult cat. It also has many interaction option in the game.

It has a feature to help the cat in talking shower and brush her teeth manually by moving the brush. Create colorful makeup for cat and give stylish make-over. There are many costumes and other fashion things available in the game to make the cat fashionable and modern looking.

talking angela apk


My Talking Angela apk is a virtual pet game that anyone can download from their app stores. This game has a lot to offer among its best features, which is the communication aspect. This feature is what made the talking tom franchise hit the sky by millions of downloads and positive appraisals.

My talking Angela makes you adopt a kitten and bond with it from the beginning. Feed it and take care of it so it can grow up as a proper adult. My Talking Angel encapsulates the real feeling of having a pet and striving to meet its needs. To read about its exciting features keep going.

Sometimes talking to your pet cat is all the therapy you need. My Talking Angela 2 offers this very fun feature to its players where they can talk to their cat and they talk right back. Bond with your feline by talking to her. This is the most popular and well known feature of this game. You can also pet the cat, cuddle with her, tickle her belly or even beat her. This amazing feature will make you fall in love with your kitty even more.


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