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Watch The 100 S01E02 1

100 Things To Do Before High School, Season 1 Episode 2, is available to watch and stream on nickelodeon. You can also buy, rent 100 Things To Do Before High School on demand at Amazon, Vudu, Microsoft Movies & TV, Google Play, Apple TV online.

Watch The 100 S01E02 1

Wells finds Clarke in the drop ship gathering supplies and wants to go with her to find Jasper, but she shoots him down. She tells Monty to stay behind to work on communicating with the Ark. When Finn arrives, she discovers that he is too afraid to go because of what happened to Jasper and calls him a coward and leaves. Wells follows Clarke despite her protests, and a disappointed Monty tells Finn that Jasper looked up to him. Outside the drop ship, Clarke approaches Bellamy, who is tending to Octavia's injury. Octavia tells Clarke she is coming but Clarke tells Octavia her leg will just slow them down. Clarke asks Bellamy to join them because he has a gun. Bellamy tells Murphy to come with him and orders Atom to watch Octavia. Bellamy talks to Murphy about his plan to get Clarke's wristband.

Down on Earth, the delinquents are removing their wristbands for food. Finn walks up and grabs some jaguar meat with Murphy stopping him and asking if he plays by different rules. Finn tells him he thought there were no rules before walking off. Clarke also grabs some food and walks off. Another delinquent tries to do the same but Bellamy stops him and punches him to keep the rest of the delinquents under control. Later, Bellamy catches Atom kissing Octavia and tells Atom he is on first watch. Bellamy and Murphy then tie Atom up in a tree and leave him overnight for "disobeying" Bellamy. In the trees up above the delinquents, a Grounder watches the Delinquents' Camp silently.

This article is a preview for Mayfair Witches Season 1 Episode 2 and contains details of the release date, time, and where to watch online. It may also contain spoilers for previous episodes.

Bing Madsen (Daniel Kaluuya) lives in a room surrounded by screens that wake him up, serve as a video game console and feature regular adverts. He rides on a stationary bike to generate electricity in exchange for "merits", which he needs to pay for his daily cost of living. He sits next to Dustin (Paul Popplewell), an obnoxious man who degrades the overweight cleaners as they pass and watches pornography as he cycles.

Whilst in his room, Bing sees an advert for WraithBabes featuring Abi. He cannot afford the merits to skip it, and a high-pitched noise sounds when he looks away from the screens, so he must watch. Increasingly agitated, he smashes a screen out of frustration and then hides a shard of glass under his bed. Bing then becomes single-mindedly obsessed with cycling and being as frugal as possible. He buys a Hot Shot ticket and hides the shard of glass in his trousers. Onstage, he starts performing a dance number, then pulls out the shard and threatens to slice his own neck. Wraith goads him to do it, but the other judges encourage him to speak. Bing passionately and angrily rants about the heartless, artificial system they live under. Hope declares the speech the most heartfelt in Hot Shot history and offers Bing his own regular show on one of his channels.

"Fifteen Million Merits" premiered on Channel 4 on 11 December 2011 at 9:30 p.m., where, according to 7-day figures from the Broadcasters' Audience Research Board, the episode was watched by 1.52 million viewers.[22]

Surette and Wollaston praised the work as "thought-provoking", whilst Yoshida found concepts in the episode to be "bleakly funny".[13][16][20] It was described by Lewis as "profoundly depressing", "highly watchable" and "utterly wretched".[19] Richards found it to have "style, savvy and lashings of acerbic humour".[15] Meanwhile, Surette lauded it as "gripping" and Wollaston described it as "original" and "thoughtful".[13][16] Sims praised the pacing as "slow" and "repetitive" but "utterly compelling". He gave as an example Bing's name being withheld during the first 20 minutes of the episode.[8]

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