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Nayeem Ahmed
Jul 16, 2022
In Business Forum
The raging epidemic has led to changes in consumption habits and purchasing behaviors. How should the retail industry respond? When OMO becomes a key condition for retail survival, what AI marketing tools can quickly promote the digitization of traditional retail ? Taiwan's leading brand of AI MarTech, awoo, invited Lai Zhida, general manager of Liangxing Electronics, and Tiger Lee, co-founder and deputy general manager of awoo, to share how to make good use of AI MarTech to accelerate the digitalization of traditional retail and the epidemic situation. The future layout of retail. Master the secrets of retail e-commerce digital marketing, download the white paper now Awu Photo Credit: Awu Technology awoo marketing photo retouching automation service application lecture, sharing the acceleration of traditional retail digitalization and post-epidemic layout with AI MarTech. From left: Tiger Lee, co-founder and deputy general manager of awoo; Lai Zhida, general manager of Liangxing Electronics EcLife Liangxing Shopping Network is deployed ahead of schedule, and the traffic doubled by awoo AMP service The impact of the epidemic on different industries is very different. During the epidemic prevention period, the demand for products related to people's livelihood has greatly increased. Due to social distancing measures, the frequency of consumers' use of e-commerce platforms has greatly increased, and enterprises have also accelerated their digital transformation. With nearly half a dozen years of traditional retail experience, Liangxing Electronics started operating members many years ago, and has accumulated nearly 800,000 members, established an official website, and bound one-to-one services to accumulate brand awareness. Tiger of awoo said that Liangxing asked awoo to optimize SEO many years ago, and in May last year, he further introduced awoo AMP one-stop marketing platform service. During the epidemic, the website's conversion rate and
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Nayeem Ahmed

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