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zarin taslima
Jul 18, 2022
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Here is an example of teaching "World War I" in an eighth-grade classroom. According to the syllabus, there are six key content areas in history for grades 7-9, including: The origins and development of the industrial society, People changing the world, Creating, building and defending Creating, building, and defending Finland, The Great War era, Building the welfare state, and The origins of the world politics of today. History teachers with three or more subject specialties In case schools, in addition to the principal who holds a doctorate degree, all teachers have a master's degree and have at least two or more subject specialties. there are not a few teachers with banner design more than two specialties. For example, if the teaching experience exceeds 20 A history teacher in 2010 has more than three subject qualifications, including: history, religion, Finnish... At the same time, she is also a qualified primary school teacher. During my stay in the case school research, she even spent her spare time studying law courses, which can be Said to be a hands-on lifelong learner. In many interviews, the history teacher said that she enjoys learning a lot. Even though she humbly claims that these courses and teaching have not been carefully designed, to students, she can be regarded as She is a "learner", so students often ask her about knowledge beyond a single subject, and sometimes she also acts as a spiritual mentor for students. Implementation time Every Tuesday from August to September 2018 class/discipline 8th grade/history class unit of study World War I mission name Explore "The Causes of the First World War" teaching objectives O5 to guide the pupil in understanding factors that have influenced human actions and decision-making in different historical situations) Class form class together Interconnection and influence of key content areas According to the syllabus, the main task of the Finnish history class is to guide students to understand the nature of historical knowledge, to support students in developing their own identities, and to familiarize them with the impact of culture on individuals and society.
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